Visa setback

My dream of obtaining an F-6 (spousal) visa in Korea has taken a little setback. It’s going take quite a bit more time than expected to get all of my documentation sorted, which is unfortunate because I want to start working as soon as possible.

The big surprise for me is the physical examination. It’s always been a lower priority than the other documents for the visa because I just stupidly assumed it would be relatively quick to get: just go to a doctor and get some paper some days later. I know understand it’s going to take possibly a couple weeks just to schedule the physical exam, let alone the time it’ll take afterwards to get the documentation and get everything notarized.

We still haven’t picked a location for me to get my visa at, either. We need to apply at an embassy outside of Korea and there’s a wide variety amongst Korean embassies in terms of their willingness and efficiency in processing that sort of visa application. Tokyo seems a good choice to me due to its close proximity, cheap (and frequent) flights and speedy embassy, but Sinea is wary of the radiation effects of Fukushima….