Starting the business

We signed a lease this week for an officetel in Gangnam. We don’t take possession for another week and a half, but we’re already starting to plan out our business.

Sinea will continue teaching Korean to foreigners freelance. It’s unknown at this point how much she’ll be teaching at the officetel itself and how much will be business as usual, travelling around the city going to cafés and people’s apartments and offices. Having the officetel gives her more freedom to expand into classes instead of primarily 1-on-1, though.

I am going to teaching two branches:

  • English. There’s a lot of demand for English education, though there’s a lot of supply, as well. I have the advantage that I’ve worked as a professor and have done technical writing. I can teach academic English and can teach presentation skills, as well. Still, it’s hard to gauge how much demand is unmet considering the saturation.
  • Computing. So this is the more interesting side of things, as it’s what I’m best at and I think there may be some interest in it. Here I think there’s an opportunity to set up classes specific to both children and adults. I’ve started sketching out some curricula for app development (web and mobile), embedded and HPC.

But, before we get to the point of offering classes and accepting students, we’ve got a lot of other mundane tasks to do…like buying furniture.